Nise: 365 Project

Starting off the Year of the Dragon 2012 with a photo a day. Welcome to my 365 project.

Permalink Day 365: More lanternsSorry for all the Chinese New Year photos… I love this time of year. :)
Permalink Day 364: LanternsSome cool Chinese New Year lantern decorations.
Permalink Day 363: SnakeGetting ready for the year of the Snake!
Permalink Day 362: SauceAdd some secret burger sauce to your life.
Permalink Day 361: TwigsInteresting cereal name from knock-off brands.
Permalink Day 360: LanternsDecorations for Chinese New Year at the Palazzo.
Permalink Day 359: PinballPlaying some awesome games at the Pinball Hall of Fame.
Permalink Day 358: Oxtail soupNo better way to warm up on a cold night.
Permalink Day 357: Taco BellChowing down on Loaded Grillers yet again.
Permalink Day 356: BowlingBowling after midnight on the cheap!
Permalink Day 355: CESAttempt to sneak into the international Consumer Electronics Show.
Permalink Day 354: TwinkiesDespite the bankruptcy, you can still cook with these.
Permalink Day 353: Taco BellTrying out the new Loaded Grillers on the menu.
Permalink Day 352: PreparationGetting ready at the Zombie Apocalypse Store.
Permalink Day 351: Heart Attack GrillEating at the home of the most calorific burgers!